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How to Get the Best Free Plumbing Leads Using Google Business Profile

How can you get more plumbing customers without spending more money on advertising?

This article will show you how to get more plumbing leads from your Google Business Profile (GBP) (previously called Google My Business (GMB), how to improve your Search Engine Rankings and improve your reviews.

All of this together increases the number of leads you receive.

Have you claimed your Google Business Profile yet? You may already have a Google Business Profile, but is it fully optimised and are you getting the best results from it?

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Why Google Business Profile?

According to a Brightlocal recent 2023 survey:

  • 98% of consumers use the internet to find out information about local businesses

  • 87% of consumers use Google Reviews to evaluate a local business

  • 48% of consumers use Yelp Reviews to evaluate a local business

  • 46% of consumers use Facebook Reviews to evaluate a local business

You can see how much Google dominates local searches and how important it is to have a fully optimised GMB profile, this is now just as important as a good website.

In fact, a Google My Business listing is seen on average 7 to 28 times more than a professional website!

Especially when you take into consideration:

  • Google “Near me” searches have increased by 200% over the last two years

  • 50% of the visitors to your Google Business Profile visit your website

  • 64% of consumers use GBP to find your business contact information.

  • The average Google business profile receives 33 clicks per month

  • 16% of Google Business Profile listings receive more than 100 calls per month

Remember, these searches on your GBP are potential plumbing customers with a high intent to purchase, they are actively looking and need a solution to a plumbing problem right now.

These enquiries should be nurtured and responded to as quickly as possible.

The Vast Majority of Google Business Profile Listings Are Not Optimised

If you take the time to fully optimise your listing, think about how many more enquiries you will start to receive!

Complete GBP listings are 7x more likely to get clicks than an uncomplete listing.

First impressions count.

Google Business Profile Listings with Photos

Google Business Profile listings with photos (or videos) are twice as likely to appear reputable. When a potential plumbing customer is looking through your profile, they want to see before and after photos of your work, upload photos to build trust and show that you provide a high quality service to your customers.

how to generate plumbing leads

Using images in GBP increases revenue per visitor by 17% and the average local business has only posted 11 photos. You can easily be above average and build more trust by posting photos of your plumbing work.

A listing with more than 100 photos is featured 23 times more than a listing with only 1 photo.

Google Business Profile - Reviews

How many reviews do you have on your Google Business Profile?

  • 90% of Google searchers read reviews before purchasing

  • The average number of reviews for business profiles on Google is 39

  • However, consumers expect to see a minimum of 112 reviews

  • 4.2 - 4.5* are the most trusted ratings

  • 85% of consumers regard reviews the same as a personal recommendation

  • When writing a review, consumers expect a fast response, to both positive and negative reviews

how to generate plumbing leads

If you have less than 39 reviews OR a rating less than 4.2 stars you need to focus on getting more reviews.

If you only have 39 reviews, you need to focus on getting to at least 112 reviews. The higher the number of reviews the more trust it builds for the customer and the higher you may appear in the search results.

The more reviews you have, the more enquiries you receive, which leads to more reviews – this compounds on itself and if you have a good review management system in place can make the difference to outperform your competition and grow your business.

The number of reviews you have on your listing, how quickly you receive them, and your average rating are the most important criteria for appearing in the top search results on Google. By collecting reviews you can grow and boost your plumbing business with new customer enquiries!

Turn On the "Chat" Or "Get a Quote" Button

how to generate plumbing leads

Most plumbing businesses miss this step.

Adding this blue button to your profile can give you an 18% increase in call volume.

Did you know that 90% of internet users prefer to send you a message directly on Google instead of calling you?

BUT note, consumers expect a fast response and Google also regard you as a trustworthy business the faster you respond to enquiries, which can also increase your search rankings.

How to Add Rocket Fuel to Your Google Business Profile, Convert More Leads and Beat Your Competitors

You now know the importance of GBP and how it can provide many new customer leads if you have a fully optimised profile, lots of positive reviews, and you appear at the top of the search results.

So how do you achieve this?

The Plumbers Marketing Toolbox - Reputation Management System

Respond to all Enquiries within 5 Minutes Max

#1 rule for any new customer enquiry is to respond as quickly as possible, nowadays customers prefer to message rather than call and the first person to respond wins.

You have a 238% increase in closing that enquiry if you are the first one to respond and if you respond in the first 1-5 minutes.

The Plumbers Marketing Toolbox makes it easy for you with our Universal Inbox – all communication comes into a central CRM system. So you do not have to use multiple apps and logins to respond. Plus initial messages can be automated and customised to your business, for instance FAQ, available times, latest offers, services, etc.

how to generate plumbing leads

Connects to: Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, Chat widget, Email and Website Enquiries.

When you receive an enquiry, an automated response is sent within 1 minute to nurture the enquiry (first person to respond wins). This helps to warm up the customer ready for you to close the sale when you speak to them direct.

All leads are then managed in a pipeline system so you know the status of each enquiry and when to follow-up.

You can now maximise every enquiry you receive and close as many enquiries as possible to a sale.

Reviews Management

Automatically request a review from your customers when you complete a job.

The Plumbers Marketing Toolbox automatically sends a SMS text / email to your recent customers and requests feedback. (SMS gets a 95% open rate)

The system will ask the customer for feedback on your service, and if they provide poor feedback it will automatically notify you direct so that you can contact the customer before they leave a review.

Note: We still provide the customer the option to leave a review to stay in compliance with Google policies, but using this method we aim to pro-actively catch and fix the problem before it is posted publicly.

This provides the best balance, it allows you as a business owner to improve your services and to fix any customer problems quickly.

You have the option to send a customer to various locations to leave a review, for instance Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yel etc.

When you receive a review, the system monitors the rating of the review and if a poor review is received you will receive a notification so you can deal with it direct.

Respond to Your Reviews

Customers expect a timely response to their reviews, the Plumbers Marketing Toolbox can automatically respond to your positive reviews using templates, or you can quickly manually respond from the central area.

If the system detects a negative review, it will notify you so you can quickly take action and help the customer solve their problem.

Post Your Reviews on Social Media

To maximise your reviews, the Plumbers Marketing Toolbox will take a screenshot of your Google reviews and automatically post them on your social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram. This builds further trust when your potential new customers are checking out your social media profiles and shows you are actively updating them.

You can also publish your reviews on your website using the reviews widget to automatically show your latest reviews, so your website constantly looks up to date.

Take Action Today

The Plumbers Marketing Toolbox - Reputation Management System helps you to respond quickly to all enquiries quickly and to automate requesting reviews.

These two elements combined provide a very powerful system. You can capture more reviews faster than your competitors, which means you will improve your search engine rankings, improve your GBP and receive more enquiries from your Google Business Profile.

This creates the compounding effect, more reviews = more leads = more reviews

Once this system is fully running your competitors will not be able to keep up.

There is an opportunity today to be one of the first plumbers to use this system, in a few years time everyone will be using automation and have hundreds of reviews on their Google Business Profiles, but if you are one of the first to implement this system today you will always stay ahead of your competitors.

Take action today and book a discovery call with us to find out how we can set up the Reputation Management system for your Plumbing Business.


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Written by: Lee Sykes

Lee has 20 years experience in online business and marketing and enjoys helping plumbing companies grow to their full potential.

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