A Guide for How to Grow my Plumbing Business

How to Maximise Every Plumbing Lead / Customer Enquiry You Receive

When it comes down to growing a plumbing business, the first step you would automatically take would be to run more advertising and make sure you are finding ways to reach out to new customers.

However, have you considered if you are making the most of all the enquiries you are already receiving?

If you can increase the conversion rate on the enquiries you receive, you increase the profit in the business without spending any additional money on advertising.

how to grow my plumbing business

How Do You Convert More Plumbing Leads?

It all comes down to speed of response and your online reputation.

  • You have a 238% increase in closing an enquiry if you are the first one to respond and if you respond in the first 1-5 minutes.

This includes all enquiries from all sources: Calls, SMS text, WhatApp, Google chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email, Website chat widget, Website contact form enquiry.

You need to respond to every enquiry in 1-5 minutes!

How can you do this when you are busy doing plumbing jobs and even if you have staff, how can they constantly monitor every platform and quickly respond?

The Plumbers Marketing Toolbox

How to grow my plumbing business

Our base foundation Reputation Marketing System has a CRM system which combines with a Universal Inbox and 2-way messaging.

This means - All customer enquiries come into this one central system so you do not have to use multiple apps and logins to respond.

Plus, initial messages can be automated and customised to your business.

The system can automatically respond and can be customised to suit your business needs, such as provide information on your services, FAQ, opening times, current special offers, your USPs why you are the best plumber in the area.

how to generate plumbing leads

This is designed to nurture the lead immediately when they contact you, so when you or your staff have time to respond to the enquiry, the lead is already slightly warm and has some knowledge about the services you provide, helping you to close the sale when you speak to them direct.

How to grow my plumbing business

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate for New Plumbing Customer Enquiries

We have taken care of fast response, which makes a massive difference to your conversion rate, however you also need to take into consideration your full online plumber reputation.

Your #1 Priority Should be your online REPUTATION.

Reputation is the foundation for every plumbing business.

Your online Reputation covers many areas:

  • Fully optimised Google Business Profile?

  • Reviews – Google, Facebook etc - How many? Good Rating 4.2 stars and above?

  • How fast does your website load?

  • Is your website mobile optimised?

  • Social media presence? Is it up to date?

  • Before and after photos in social media to show you are active and in regular business?

  • How fast do you respond to enquires?

  • How easy are you to contact? – chat on website, text, tel, email, contact, social media

All of these elements add up and create an impression to a new customer whether or not you are a reputable plumbing company.

If your Google Business Profile is fully optimised, your social media presence is up to date and your reviews are good, these all add up to build trust that you are a reputable plumbing company that will provide a good quality service.

You now have a warm customer who is ready to buy.

Reputation Management – Reviews

Our automated reviews system will send an SMS text / email message to each of your customers automatically requesting a review.

how to grow my plumbing business

Google customer reviews are essential for a plumbing business, the higher the number of reviews you have, the more enquiries you will receive. We can accelerate your reviews faster than your competitors.

If you have any negative customer experiences, the system will immediately notify you so you can quickly contact the customer and help solve their problem, giving you instant feedback on how to keep improving your plumbing business.

Increasing your reviews will also increase your local search engine rankings and increase the number of customer enquiries you will receive.

This turns into a self-feeding loop -> More reviews = more leads and customers = more reviews

how to grow my plumbing business

You can also automatically publish the reviews you receive on your social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, helping you to constantly keep your pages up to date.

Plus, you can display your latest reviews directly on your plumbing website, helping to build trust and show that your website is constantly up to date.

Reputation Management – Benefits

Your reputation is the foundation of your plumbing marketing.

When you are actively managing your online reputation it will increase your growth by 25% a year.

This is step by step consistent growth, no short term tactics, your reputation is a long term strategy that will benefit your company for its lifetime.

When you have the Reputation foundation working, anymore layers of marketing that you add on top now become much more effective.

If you now run ads for new customers, eg. Google ads, Facebook ads, your good reputation will increase your conversion rate and your ad costs will be lower to acquire a new customer.

You now have more ad budget available than your competitors to acquire more customers.

Each layer of marketing that you add on also has a compounding effect, increasing even further the number of reviews you receive, your SEO rankings and more leads.

Everything becomes easier when the Reputation foundation is active and in place and it gives you the edge over all of your competitors so they cannot keep up.

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Written by: Lee Sykes

Lee has 20 years experience in online business and marketing and enjoys helping plumbing companies grow to their full potential.

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